Our Principals


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Ken Gardner, President

When Ken was 12, he asked his uncle what he did for a living.  Bill Rosenberg was the president of Henderson, Rosenberg, Scully Landscape Architecture.  The idea of creating environments and manipulating the world around him to engender a feeling was fascinating and since the New York Mets weren’t beating down the door for a centerfielder that couldn’t hit, he thought that Landscape Architecture might be a good fallback occupation.  He quickly grew to love nature, architecture, and the way spaces are put together.  Canoe trips and constant quizzing by Bill helped Ken learn the plant species and how they fit in their respective communities.  Ken received his degree in Landscape Architecture in 1991 from the University of Georgia.  After school and on breaks in college, Ken worked alongside Bill until in 1993 when he came back home to work full time at Rosenberg Design Group.  In 1996, upon becoming licensed in Florida, Bill and Ken became partners in Rosenberg Gardner Design.


Ken is extremely proud of the diverse types of work performed by Rosenberg Gardner Design and Gardner Semler Landscape Architecture and the fact that even the smaller projects get the same high level of design and attention as our larger, more prestigious endeavors.  Ken is excited about our upcoming undertakings and comes to work every day motivated for the future…..

Kiehl Semler, Partner

Passion for art, science, social interaction, and the built
environment compelled Kiehl Semler to earn a Bachelor’s degree
in Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia in 2008
and to become a Florida licensed Landscape Architect.
Originally from Charlottesville, Virginia, Kiehl grew up with an
innate love of the outdoors and a youth spent hiking and
canoeing through the Blue Ridge Mountains with his grandfather.
Discovering South Florida through a chance internship back in
2007, he was enamored by the subtropical climate and diverse
flora and fauna unique to the region. Kiehl has spent the last 11
years practicing and obsessing about Landscape Architecture
while living and surfing in Miami Beach. He implements all
aspects of the practice from commercial urban design and
streetscapes to school campuses, parks, condominiums, and custom residential projects.

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